Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Whole Foods

This we went to Whole Foods on Sand Lake in Orlando. This is one of the high points of my visit here, going to this store and seeing how some people do their shopping. First of all, we did buy several items. I buy tubes of tomato paste at Whole Foods. I feel rather silly going through the aisles to find that, on the top shelf, and putting several boxes in my basket. It's such a plus to have tomato paste in tubes because, obviously, you use only what you need and you don't have gobs of it in the freezer or in the trash in between uses, Just in the fridge, waiting to be opened when you need it. Back to Whole Foods.

Fresh fruits and vegetables at their finest. Looking their best and displayed beautifully. The smoked salmon display was enormous, offering quantities from the small packs we get at home to full sides. A dozen different types, some in the shape of flowers for the hors d'oeuvre table. The fish! Crab cakes in various types. Ready for the pan. The olive bar. I don't know how anyone would choose which of the olives to purchase as their were SO MANY VARIETIES and combinations. The meat counter. OMG. Samples everywhere and we tasted everything. It was like going to lunch. Prepared foods, breads, deli...all the usual things you would expect to find but so beautifully presented. And of course the classical music in the background. Wine. DID I MENTION THE BAKERY!? Whole Foods is a destination and if you have the opportunity to go, don't miss it. We have been to The Fresh Market in the Dr Phillips area. We used to stop there on our way home from church in Bay Hill so it's in that general vicinity and it's the same thing. An amazing food store. Surpriseingly  the prices are very good. I didn't feel anything was overpriced. We bought shrimp, some wine, some bread and cheese (Cambazola which I would pay between 7 and 8 dollars a wedge at SuperStore...same price) Yes there is a 20% difference, have to say this particular wedge was quite large and generally in the same price point.Also bought rare roast beef deli meat that's very difficult to get here and snacks. A bit of everything and felt we had done well when we left.

Bonus at WF today was the market set up outside offering a lot of the items we find at the Celebration Market on Sunday mornings. Every Tuesday, apparently. 

We had our tea on the deck this morning and our after dinner treats there this evening. A spectacular day. Talked to Gloria this afternoon and got caught up on the antics of Ringo and Daisy. I miss those little guys!! Allan MacDonald just rang the bell so I am off for a visit with him Back tomorrow or the next, be good to each other!!

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