Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday in the Sunshine STAte

Another beautiful day. Is that getting monotonous? Just  a little for me. I like some variety in weather, at home and here. Just a day now and then that speaks to you and says 'do some of those things that need to be done" and there are such things here as well as at home.  You can make a mess in three weeks and you can lost track of things. I need a morning to do some chores. It's supposed to rain tomorrow or at least there is a POSSIBILITY of rain. That could change within the next hour but for now, we are undecided as to what we will be undertaking in the morning. This is our last week, and only a partial week at that. I think we will head for The Littles and their parents on Friday. That will put us on Saint Madeleine by Saturday afternoon. I called Chris this afternoon and am waiting for him to get back to me to see if we are still invited for a visit.

We ate at the Olive Garden last night. I love Italian food and we brought some home, which we finished this afternoon. Even better the second day. Also did a bit of shopping at Joann. I haven't done well with my shopping. Nothing terribly interesting in a pretty bag. I may end up with the bulk of my list being checked off at Mardens on the way home and believe me that won't be in a pretty bag. I have to do the grocery shopping in Maine too. That list is thin too. Rotel tomatoes; poblano peppers; some spices. I got some interesting ones at Penzy's during the art show, when we took a break and sauntered into a shop to cool off. Nothing exotic, just a couple of mixtures that I had not seen before. I have to buy backing for three quilts at Mardens.

Chris just called; publishing!!

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