Wednesday, March 4, 2015

It was the kind of day we drove three and a half days to enjoy

What a lovely day. The kind of day you want to experience in Florida. A full moon tonight and I tried without success to take a photo. You will have to take my word for it.

We did a few errands today and I finally found a tea pot. What an adventure. It was the only tea pot I found that fit the bill: big enough to hold four cups and with a cover that didn't have a rabbit sitting on it or wasn't too fragile looking to risk even taking it to the car. We came upon a new Marshalls just beyond The Loop on the Osceola Parkway, just opened in November so it wasn't on my GPS. It's a beautiful store and I found FitFlops there for $35. I didn't need another pair and I didn't buy them but I was surprised to find them with such a price difference from that store on the East River Road. Even with the exchange those were a real buy.

Still no iron.

Golf in the morning, about a half hour from here. Tee off at seven fifteen so it will be early to bed, early to rise for us.

Just when I seem to have adjusted to the time change, DST starts this weekend. Do we really need this? Ask someone from Saskatchewan. They don't. And they are an agricultural province.

Slow news day. Allan and Anne and Red came over last night. Great visit. Red was in fine form. The PC party is at A and A's on Friday night. That will be a fun outing.

That's it for tonight folks. Like I said, slow day. A lovely vacation day but not a lot going on. Hope all is well in colder climes. Wish I cold watch a draw of the Brier tonight. I had that feed last year but no such luck this year. Hurry Hard! Back tomorrow night.

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