Monday, March 9, 2015

And yet another one of those days

Beautiful today. We had a tee time for ten to eight this morning and when we set that up, rather forgot about the time change. We got to the golf club in the dark. A few other cars were there and we got out at about twenty to eight which is just about the right time. There were a few people out ahead of us but I decided today I am a nine hole golfer. That's all. The starter let us go out on the back nine, by ourselves, and it was like having our own course. We met up with a threesome on sixteen but that was no problem at all. When we came in, we picked up a bucket of balls and went to the range for awhile and the line up at that time was quite something. There is a big group of people from this area who go out Monday, Wednesday and Friday at ten and there was a big clog as everyone was getting out. We had our lunch and were home mid day. Pool time. We got the sun for a few hours and now with the time change the pool is in the sun for an extra hour. Mike is still out but he is in the shade at this point. I had a great swim, toasted for a while and then took a run to Michael's.....without my list. May as well have stayed home. Another trip coming up but not today. Michael's is about ten minutes from here and I just go myself when I need to pick something up. Exit 57 and we are off 58.

I called Laura's mother last night. We are having dinner with the Lellos on Wednesday at Roys Hawaiian Fusion on Sand LakeRd. We have eaten there before and it was on'e of Chris and Laura's fave restaurants when they were here. The menu is very interesting and the service is absolutely second to none. Looking forward to it very much. There is a great Barnes and Noble store just in the same area and a cigar store that Mike loves to visit when we are here. This will be our big outing for the month. We did steak houses the past two years and a great Italian before that so Roy's will be a treat; lighter more creative dinner options. You ought to check out the menu. Just search Roy's Hawaiian Fusion and there you go.

Mike worked on the pool deck today after we got home. He loves a chore or two. The pool cleaner will be surprised when he comes this week and sees that the deck has been cleaned.

Nine hot air balloons were in the air on our route to church on Sunday. Not for the faint of heart. They lift off just outside our complex, in a gigantic field and I have absolutely no idea where they land. Will never find that out.

So this is our second MOnday at 321. We like the house; our previous residence is empty and I will find out why when we talk to Claire Lello later in the week. The renters are friends of hers.

Hope all is well where you are and with you and yours. I heard there was a bit of snow in Nova Scotia this morning and on CBC Mainstreet they still talking about the mess of the streets in Halifax. I hope the snow banks are starting to melt. Sounds like it's going to be in positive numbers by the middle of the week. Take care and I will be back in 24 or so.

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