Friday, March 6, 2015

And so it's Friday

We went to a Quilt and Fabric Expo in Lakeland. When I see these kind of events put on in an area such as this, I am astounded. ASTOUNDED. First of all, the size of the venue is mind boggling. Who uses this complex?! The show itself had over a hundred vendors. A hundred. Every sewing machine imaginable and every quilting machine and stand you would want. Mike was chatting up one vendor and the set up she had was over twenty five thousand dollars. Now that's for a business. Obviously. There were smaller less complex machines as well, ones that an average person who wanted one could afford (with some consideration). Embroidery machines. All kinds of them. And enough fabric to cover Polk County. I didn't look at fabric because it would have been a guess and a grab and I wasn't into that. I bought a few patterns for paper pieced projects I hadn't seen before and liked very much

. There were hundreds of people there when the doors opened, including us. By the time we left, a few hours later, the crowds were heavy. There were classes and demos, and Nancy Ziemann was there signing her latest book or any of her books you purchased. I watch Sewing With Nancy any time I can find it on the cable system. She is very clever and likeable. There were people demoing rulers of all kinds and gadgets of all sorts. The things we call Gadgets and Gotta-Haves. Things you see and think you cannot live without and then when you get home, you find that you can do the same hing with the tools you have but quilters are a lot like golfers: they will buy almost anything if they think it will make their product better or easier. I have bought the rare ruler that was required for a particular pattern and when that project is done, the ruler goes in the envelope with the pattern, not to be seen for some time.On the other hand, I have bought a ruler that I like how it's used and make a second or third project with it. I pointed out a 60 degree ruler to Mike, indicated it's $19 price tag, and reminded him that he had made one for me out of PelTex which works very well, thank you very much, but having a transparent ruler is definitely a bonus when you are cutting fabric. If you can make the adjustment to using another material, you are ahead of the game.

As far as the show was concerned, it was a dandy. $8 for parking, and an admission charge of $15 each. Chatting with two women on the way in, one of them gave us two free entrance tickets!! That, she said, would make our day and it didn't do it any harm.  We walked through and saw what we thought was everything, had ourselves a lunch nearby and were home by three. That's enough work for two people on vacation.

It's overcast all day today. Tomorrow morning we are going to a flea market about half an hour from here and on Sunday after Mass I think we will go to the market at Celebration which is quite nice. Worked on my music for awhile again today. Trying to do that every day or at least not to miss two days in a row.

I think I will take a little rest, have a cup of tea and get my hors d'oeuvre ready for the party tonight. It will be fun to see some people. We have seen a lot of each other for the past week. A lot!! LOL!! Thanks for bothering to read this latest update. BTW, Aaron you can drop me a note you know; I am still receiving email!! We could set up a Skype chat! Be good to each other. and take care. I'll be back.

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