Friday, February 27, 2015

Hello Savannah

Day three is tiring.The excitement of starting out is in the rear view mirror and the challenge of day two, working around the major cities is past too.

  On day three, you are leaving Virginia and heading into the Carolinas. The roads are flat and pretty straight and ther are trees on both sides. And trucks. Mike was a little restless so I drove for about three hours and got throug the most boring part of the drive. By the time we were in Southern SC and just into Georgia, the traffic had loosened up and the going,was better. We decided to get off early and then ate early so we are in for the noght at eight Eastern. A shower and new hair are in my near future

Tomorrow will find us in the Sunshine State.our destinaltion is a bit uncertain. We will find something interesting to do and wait till Sunday morning to check out the residence.

Be back soon.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pretty Amazing

As we drove past Civil War territory todat, Mike pointed out the exit to Gettysburg and then proceeded to recite the entire Gettysburg Address. AMAZING! and here is something peculiar- two nights on the road in two different states and in two different hotel chains, and in the same hotel room number 217. I think that vey odd.

Just had to add those little details that I forgot earlier.

Day Two is in the can!

We had a great day today, except for the stretch through PA where it was trucks trucks and more trucks.  It's hard to believe that a corridor such as that stretch is only two lanes divided. The extra lane that we eventually picked up in West Virginia made a tremendous difference in thinning out the traffic. Hig speed travel in very close quarters. not a lot of fun.

We drove through pieces of the following states today..NH, MA, CN, NY, PA, DEL, WV and now VA.Actually we have been throug the most challenging areas. Hartford this morning was fine, largely because the traffic was heavy and thus slower. Usually you are forced to roar through those ups and downs and twists and turns at breakneck speed and as long as you stay under the 84 sign you are ok but if you eve got caught in the wrong lane, it would take an hour to get back on track. We stopped for breakfast at a Cracker Barrel in Fishkill NY and now, at five - eleven, we are ready to eat again. Love a big breakfast. I think its the grits that hold me ove so well. And the fried apples.

We were in bed vey early last night. Mike was asleep before me, by eight o'clock. He was exhausted.I wasn't  too far behind him but I don't sleep well in hotels.

So her we are, checking for our next landing pad, tomorrow night. We won't be in the house on Reserve Drive till Sunday so we may stop somewhere along the way.

I tried to get a few pics attached but had equipment failure. Will try again. I'll be back tomorrow night. Another drive with the truckers through the Carolinal. Fingers crossed for another safe journey. Till then.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

And Away We Go

At five thirty this morning we had a discussion about leaving. The weather forecast wasn't good for anywhere we were headed and the car was partly packed. We decided to pull the pin and here we are in New Hampshire. Nova Scotia was good to us and we actually thought we could out run the nasties but after leaving Moncton, we could almost see it coming. The dept of transportation doesn't salt the roads in NB and we encountered ICE for a stretch of several kilometers. Very slippery and many many trucks. That was the worst we have experienced in many trips, I guess because it was quite unexpected.But we made it throug and after quite an interrogation at the border, we were off.

The drive becomes a bit boring afte one crossword puzzle, two hours of NASCAR radio and several micro climates. Mike is a real road warrior and he goes and goes. he's ready to sleep now and I am somewhat wound up. We ate at Applebees tonight and will be thorsty afte all that salt and fat. However, it was delish!!

I you read my blog last year, you may recall how this platform, typing on my tablet, is awkward. I notice a lot of typos and it's diffocult to go back and correct. In a few days I will be using Mike's laptop and there will be fewer mistakes.

nothing much to report. Day one is in the can, we are ready for a good sleep and will hit the road for a rather challenging day tomorrow. Around Boston, throug Hartford, into the Poconos and then on to Richmond. Won't get that far, perhaps only to Fredericksburg but that will be a good one done. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday night and everything is packed

Everything is ready except...the weather isn't cooperating. Nasty February weather. When I checked each of the points of interest: Amherst, Moncton, Fredericton and's forecast to snow there tomorrow just when we will be arriving. A little disappointing. Each year we head out, we are faced with the prospect of bad driving conditions. We could wait and leave on Thursday which will put us at 621 on time but apparently we are heading out a day early.

Packing is a drag. I could have a whole suitcase filled with hair and body products, soaps and lotions and potions too numerous to mention. Night creams and day creams (can they really tell the difference?). Mousse and the invaluable Frizz-ease hair spray. Curling iron, flat iron; hair dryer? There had better be one somewhere in that house!! Walking shoes and pretty shoes and just plain comfortable shoes. The clothes are really the easiest items to select. Yes or no to the long pants; which jeans? The clothes pack very well - flat. Everything else is bulky and awkward. But it's done. If I don't have it and find that I need it...that's what malls are for.

Food is ready for the journey. We try to eat on the fly for the first day. Sandwiches, grapes, bananas and a case of water. And of course yogurt. And a tea pot. Florida houses don't have tea pots. May as well take one and avoid having to buy one. Who wants tea made in a cup?! and yes, a very large box of tea. I am not even going to TALK ABOUT  the electronics. A few years back, when I was writing a blog for the first time, I wrote an entry loosely titled How Many Electronic Devices Does it Take to Get Two People To Florida. Plenty!! Major Plenty. I made a bag just to hold my cables and chargers. Mike has his in a box (albeit a medium sized one, but a box nonetheless!). we need all of this? Yes. We do.

Do you realize how much space golf clubs take in a car? When Chris lived in Florida we left a bag there and just put the clubs in the car at the end of the packing. Now we need a bag. Mike uses a small Sunday bag but we take a full sized one too.

So the end result is that we are ready. HOpe the drive is safe and uneventful. We got the package for the phones, installed the satellite radio in my car, bought the cat litter and food and new toys and spray cat nip (who knew there was such a thing??). Photocopied the important documents, changed the money (now that's a sad story in itself), and did I mention the BOOKS? Yes I did. Mine are electronic for the most part but I have three that I dropped into a bag. Ten pounds of flour (don't ask). A fiddle. In a case that's almost as big as my golf bag. (When I was buying a case for the fiddle I commented to Mike that cases were very expensive; more than I thought but I knew I couldn't carry it around in a Sobeys bag. His response to me was "Well Anne, it's not like you are going out on tour." OMG!!!)

Well ... time for bed. Thanks for taking the time to read the ramblings. I'll be back tomorrow night, hopefully from deep in New England. Nighty Night!!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Starting the countdown

The countdown has really begun this morning. I can tell because I am doing things that have been on "the list" and today is their day. Unimportant things. Changing the wall hanging in the living room which means getting the next one ready and getting the one that's been there for two months ready to store till next November. Not terribly important but when I come back into this house in April, the first thing I see should be 'spring like' and not red and green holly baskets. Therefore, important. Then there's the sorting of magazines that have accumulated beside my chair and favorite sewing spot. Again, not terrible important, but that needs to be sorted and purged and it will be so good to have it done in April. Once again, relatively important. And of course, there's the dreaded SEWING TABLE. For the most part, I don't have anything that has to be done (started) this weekend but I have a couple of things to FINISH. Important. And yet, there is but one thing on my calendar for today and that's a dinner invite. VERY IMPORTANT. So lovely that I don't have to think about preparing a meal tonight.

I checked the weather sites this morning, the long term forecasts for Maine, Mass and the Poconos and all looks good. Nothing but sunshine. So much better than seeing the threat of snow. Nonetheless, any of those locations could spring a little zinger on us and we could be driving through nasty weather conditions at any time. WEather forecasting is not a perfect science. We all know that. I would like it to be close to perfect for the next week. Not terribly worried about anything south of Georgia although they have had some nasty ice storms there in recent memory.

Packing little bags. Entertainment bags. Mike is stowing books like a squirrel stores acorns for winter. I may not have a conversation with him for the first seven days at 621. New number this year. I am going to stand in front of our previous abode and scowl at the current residents as they drive in. Yes...packing little bags. Making lists. Departure could be WEdnesday at the latest. Tuesday if we are really super organized for the next couple of days. The car goes to HOnda on MOnday morning for the oil change. It will be ready and we will be too, in a couple.

Having a bit of trouble with the blog. It doesn't want to publish as soon as I write. Could be a problem but for now, I will try again. Thanks for catching up. Back soon.

Getting ready

Getting ready to head south for six or seven weeks takes a lot of planning. Really. There is a house to leave. Cats to provide for. Well...I guess that's all there REALLY  is to do but aside from that, the mail has to be up to date, receiving and sending; the fuel oil tank should be full; the car ought to be ready for a long drive (note to self for the day: call Honda!! TODAY!). Go to the bank and get some of those TINY Canadian dollars. Strike many items off the "to buy" list and make sure the things that remain on said list are worth the purchase. Make sure the JoAnne coupons are coming in as they are supposed to or those things on the to buy list will not be purchased. I want a new iron this year that never has to be tipped back on its tail. When you stop using it, little feet pop out from the bottom and elevate the iron till you need it again. As soon as you touch the handle, it drops down into working position. Needless to say I need a 50% off coupon from JoAnne's for that one. It comes in pink and yellow. Choices choices and choices. The list goes on and on but those of you who do this every year know what I am talking about and we all manage.

Mike is stockpiling books like a chipmunk stockpiles acorns. I don't know how long he is planning top stay but he has enough books for an entire winter. I have a few things in the entertainment department ready to go as well. I frequently do counted cross stitch if it rains and I have enough good light. Books too but they're on my tablet. I am going to Water Street Studio this weekend to pick up a jig saw puzzle. They have fantastic puzzles there. I would be doing one here at the Ranch but the cats love to be on a table I work at so that's not going to work. As soon as Daisy hears me at my sewing machine, she is there. Just for company I guess. And to be in the way.

Today I am having lunch with Carolyn and then a couple of errands this afternoon. Winter is here with a vengeance and it will be a pleasure to head to warmer climes. I am loving looking at Sharon's pictures from the DR. I can feel the warmth!

Back in a day or so to get accustomed to this platform. HOpe you enjoy following along with us this year. It won't be groundbreaking and we will refrain from doing brain surgery along the way but it will be just another Florida drive and hopefully a safe and happy one. Till the next time!!