Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The dreaded day two

Well the fact that I am writing this indicates a successful day on the road. \not as long a day as yesterday but ten hours is quite sufficient. Both of us were quite tired this morning as we didn't sleep well and fatigue seemed to set in quite early. We don't stop to eat as I pack a great lunch that does us for three days and we always have water and when we stop to fuel up, we get coffee for the driver and that's about it. I just drink the water but not as much as I do when  I am at home, for the obvious reason: the Honda Accord does not come equipped with a loo.

Well I must say that Mike is a Road Warrior. We left at seven this morning and headed into the mountains with a plan to get from Auburn Mass to Richmond VA by 5pm. Were it not for the four hours of snow and bad driving rain that made for difficult progress, we would have made it. As it is, we are less than an hour out of Richmond, at Fredericksburg, and have a great hotel early. I think we will have a good night as we both have books to read and we are not as stressed as we were last night. The last hour last night was in the dark in  speeding traffic and using a flashlight to follow the map and the GPS. Not the best conditioins for sure.

We are just decompressing for a few minutes and then will take a run out for a bit of dinner. Lots of choices as this is a major destination and there is a bit of everything here.

Tomorrow on Day 3, I will take a turn doing some driving.  Now that we are out of the really heavy traffic and such, I don't mind taking a turn and he can read and play Henry the Navigator Today he was not a bit concerned about the messy roads and the trucks that were zooming past us, spraying us with sluch and mess. He is so calm. He is so accustomed to driving nin NS in all kinds of weather and combine that with the excellent care these states give to their highways in bad weather. It was pretty impressive.

The weather went from -4 this morning to 8C right now. No snow whatsoever here and the grass is just starting to get green.

That's about the download for today. I didn't shop at |Mardens yesterday. May drop in on the way home but it's not a huge priority with me. Looking forward to a good sleep tonight. Thanks for dropping in to read the news, such as it is. I know Carol read yesterday...let me know if you are checking this out. Cheerio for now...more tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day one draws to a close.

The weather in Pictou County was dreadful this morning but we were pretty sure we would drive out of it so we hit the road at 7am and headed for fine skies. By the time we passed Fredericton, the roads were getting better and I was a much happier passenger. Conditions improved with each hour and we just kept on driving. This is the longest I have eve driven on any of these trips but we thougt there was going to be snow in New England and we wanted to get ahead of it   so here we are in Auburn Mass. Thirteen hours. Long day.

Driving in Nova Scotia

 is  how the day looked at the start...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Getting ready to go isn't my favorite part of the trip for sure. I tend to put off certain things till the last minute and tomorrow I have a ton of things to get done. I'm pretty sure Jasmine will not be too happy to be the first item on that list. She will get a trip to the groomer early in the day. Basically everything is done but Mike's ironing! should be a good day...sandwiches to make and shoes to find....almost time for lift off!