Saturday, March 21, 2015

Can it be Saturday already?

We just got back from dinner at The Olive Garden this evening. I love Italian food and obviously hundreds of others do too. Lots of people eating out tonight We had a great meal and got back just before dark and by luck, I find that I can watch the last games of the womens worlds curling, at least at the moment I am listening to the Bronze medal game and just hoping that the championship game hasn't been played. Perhaps I will get to see it. I'll have to check the web page, which I find most unfriendly.

Today we went to the Lakeridge Winery Wine and Food Show. A spectacular day for that kind of event. Sitting out under a shade tree, drinking crisp white wine and listening to really fine live music makes for a great event. There was food to be had an eaten and wine to be tasted and bought if the spirit moved you. It's a lovely location, up on a hill in the Claremont area. Yesterday was the sidewalk art show in Winter Park which is in the north east corner of Orlando. Close to where Chris worked in Maitland. That also was a great outdoor event. Both days were hot. As the weather man keeps saying, unseasonably warm. They still call these high 80's 'warm'. I call it hot. Pool days when we are back here at 621.

I cannot believe the snow in Nova Scotia. The more I hear of it the more I realize there will be snow still on the ground, not just in the woods, when we get home. UGH!

Last night was the Pictou County party, here at our digs. I am guessing there were about twenty people here, a few whom I didn't know but most were familiar faces. Always an enjoyable get together. Plenty to eat and drink. Good company. Successful gathering.

We may try to get a golf game in next week. Still some shopping to do but we are going to St Louis so there is still lots of time for ticking off items from the list.

I am a bit distracted this evening, feeling there are things I need to write but just can't form the ideas. This house is now for sale; it was shown today, while we were out. Apparently the person who buys it will most likely want to use it as a rental and we will be informed as to that situation. In that case we will try to get the house again next year for the same time. Our plans for next winter are quite up in the air at this point. Booking the house will just assure us of having a place if we decide to come back.

Hope all is well where you are. We are doing fine, enjoying our company and this wonderful weather. It seems that things are well at The Ranch, the driveway is cleared and that's the main thing. Gloria can get in to take care of the cats without being lost in a snow bank. Take care all, be good to each other, and I will be back sooner rather than later!! It was a busy week!!

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