Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I don't know what happened to yesterday's blog!

I did a blog entry yesterday. Has anyone seen it or know where it is? Funny.

So this is Tuesday. Yesterday we did those things that had to be done. Mainly I went looking for a tea pot because, for the first time, I forgot to bring one. People here don't drink tea; they drink ice tea but not hot tea. You can buy lots of tea in the stores but nothing to brew it in. Go figure. I have been in seven stores looking for a pot. So far, no luck.

Yesterday morning we went to The Loop, one of my favorite shopping areas. Saving some of the r eally good ones for later in the month. For you, JoLynn!! We went to Bealls, Kohls and a couple of others in that area and got a few things we needed. No tea pot though. Additionally we went looking for a Harbour Tools store that Mike wanted to check out but we just never found it. There is a new one opening tomorrow morning and we will be finding that one I believe. I went looking for a particular iron I wanted to buy at Joann's but there were none to be found. I guess there are many people who want those particular irons and wait for the magical 50% off coupon to buy one and that's why there were none on the shelf in my first Joann store. There are others, none as convenient as that one, but I will have to be on the hunt till the coupon expires. I would really love to get one of those irons. The trip  isn't over yet!

Tried out the pool this morning. Wonderful!! Really a little on the warm side but I am afraid if I tell them it's too warm they might just turn it too low. I will put up with it!!! Also got a pedicure today and my feet look human again. Winter does a mean job on my feet.

Anne and Allan are coming over for some refreshment this evening.

I forgot to mention the peculiar interrogation we experienced at the border on our way into the good old USofA. After the standard questions of where from, where going, it went like this: Do you have $10 000.00 in American money with you? (you can figure out the answer to that one). How much do you have? How much Canadian money do you have? Do you have any travelers cheques? bank drafts? money orders? How do you support yourself? What are your living accommodations in NS?Where are you staying in Florida? And of course, as I said, the usual ones about food and drink. He didn't ask about guns. or hand grenades as the officer asked in Estevan several years ago. Much more concerned about the amount of money we were (or in our case, were NOT) carrying. Funny.

Only saw one sample of road kill all the way here from NS. That was a bit of a record.

We are more than half way through our first Key Lime Pie. Right on schedule with that one. But we are still tired. I wake in the morning and turn on CBC and find it's almost eight o'clock in NS. We were going to check out a golf course tomorrow; the deals come in around five on my email and if we see something we like, we click ourselves in and pay and then hop up and take off. The magic of the internet. We have done it before so we will give it another go and see how it works.

I don't like the way this program is responding tonight so I am going to post this and hope for the best. If you come upon yesterday's post, let me know. I would love to know where it is!! Till then!!

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  1. Saw several teapots today at Marshalls. Good luck!