Sunday, March 8, 2015

Another one of those days

Today is another one of those glorious Sunshine State days that come along fairly regularly. Low humidity, plenty of sun and a little breeze, temps in the mid-20's. Fantastic. A pool day and a time to take advantage of the outdoors. Just a great all around day.

There is a lot of construction underway in Florida. In those years that we have been coming here, we have seen lots of construction and years of none. The pick up is obvious this March. Lots of new developments underway and road improvement, additional lanes being built, and of course the inconvenience that accompanies that. A good sign nonetheless. Roads that were under construction when we were here last year are done and so great to drive on. Where Interstate 4 begins, just south of Daytona, was a nightmare last year and we just whistled through a week ago. What an improvement. Prosperity. Road and home construction. It's happening.

We went to Mass this morning at Celebration. Picked up the bulletin and saw that 4500 people attended Mass last weekend and contributed in excess of $30 000 to the Church.There were about 500 people there  this morning, at eight thirty. They add that extra Mass in the winter months. The Church was quite full. We went to  IHop for breakfast and before you judge that, let's just say it was delicious. My breakfast joint of choice is Cracker Barrel, for the grits. They do a wicked breakfast and we never eat there except in the morning. Second is IHop. Even the once close to the prison on John Young!!! Chris couldn't believe we ate there, one morning, when he lived several miles away. The prison and the bail bondsman and a gun shop were all within shooting distance. Some of the clientele that morning looked a bit shady but the food was good. Often on the road you don't have the opportunity to be too choosy but here in residence, we most frequently eat in the kitchen. After breakfast we headed to a home show and by the time we got home, it was pool time. NASCAR racing at Vegas and soon time to be thinking about supper.

The Proper Pie Company - found that name in the book here on the counter, left by the owners, to give us some guidelines to follow while in their house. Apparently the English love their pies and this place, a little spot in a strip mall, hard to find but apparently well supported, had meat pies of all kinds, one of which we will be having for supper, with a salad and strawberry shortcake. We bought a couple of small fruit pies as well, one of which I liked but Mike thought the pastry wasn't flaky. No comment. I liked it. Steak and Mushroom for tonight or maybe just the strawberry shortcake. The berries were the best we have had, red all the way through but not quite as tasty as they are in NS in July. A worthy substitute.

I have a jig saw puzzle started on the dining room table.

Brian and Leslie are celebrating their 7th anniversary today in Mexico. I can't believe seven years. Such a fun time at their wedding. And great Gumbo.

Golf tomorrow morning. Changed the time, as everyone did, so we will have a very early start for our 7:45 tee time. Half hour to get there, breakfast before leaving....early start.

Mike washed the pool deck this afternoon. I should have called the management company but he preferred to do it himself. Go figure. Looks better though.

That's it for now. Hope all is well where you are, back in 24 or so, take care!!

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