Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday March 1st and our vacation starts today

The car is washed, the clothes are unpacked and the sun is breaking through. Good start. I have walked around and around this house trying to find either our room or the laundry or the bathroom I have adopted as mine. It takes a while to get the hang of where things are and where things aren't. For example, the coffee filters aren't here. Neither are bars of soap but there are plenty of glasses, cutlery and dishes. There is no great hose to wash the car but there is a fair sized one on the pool deck and that was moved today and used to clean the Nova Scotia salt and the Maine dirt off the Honda. Washing the car is always Mike's first chore of choice. I am working on my second list of things to buy at Publix. The first list was last night and was the essentials but now I see we missed a few things and a return visit is in order. Later. Got the paper yesterday and cut out the 40% off coupons from Joann's. A very interesting iron is on my list of things to buy and I can only buy it with a big coupon. I may wait for a 50% off but if I see the one I want, it will be mine.

The house. Two master suites with huge walk in closets; two bedrooms with twin beds and a third bathroom. The kitchen is fine; not quite updated to the ceramic top stove and stainless appliances but it's big and open. Flat screen TV's but not huge. The pool is small. In this area the three and five bedroom houses have the big pools and the four bedrooms have a small pool. Who knows why? Lots of patio furniture and the pool is on the inside of the loop, looking out onto the pond. In the past we had a pool that was on the outside of the loop and looked out into the woods. We liked that. Very private. This one will be fine. It's not like I am doing laps; it's just small. But heated. The dining room table is big and I hope we can take the leaf out for bridge. I believe we can.

Yesterday we left Savannah and it rained all day. Rain rain rain. When we got here we checked and there was no one at the house but without contacting the management company, we certainly couldn't come in. As it happened, the house was cleaned and ready by seven last night so we visited Allan and Anne for a couple of hours and then went to Publix and got the groceries. Got everything in and put away, checked out the basics and went to bed. I was awake for a long time; it takes me awhile to get accustomed to a new sleeping arrangement. The beds are great which is always an asset. Occasionally you will hear people commenting on terrible beds. Allan and Anne just got all new beds in their home without even requesting them but they were in need of better matresses.

There are chores to do today. We have a SunPass transponder on the car but no money on it; nonetheless when we stopped at the first toll, they told us we were good to go so along the circumferential around Orlando we pushed through all of the Pass lanes. I have to phone them today and get money on that pass or someone will come and repossess my car!! I tried a few times last night without success. The internet connection here is satisfactory so far but the cable is leaving something to be desired. Didn't find any SPEED  channel and there's a big race in Atlanta today and of course, I was hoping to find some Brier games like I did last year but so far no luck.

So that's the story from here. Not very exciting but the reason for this blog is just to keep our friends and  the children in our lives in touch with what we're doing and since we can't perform brain surgery, we are left with reporting the mundane tasks of the day. We have been meeting up with the other Nova Scotians on the street as they are driving by and checking to see if we are here yet. Linda White was on her walk last night when we were unloading the car so she stopped for a little visit.  I hope there is a Pictou County party next Friday night. Will have to check and perhaps we can have it. Last year we had everyone in the last weekend we were here and several people had already headed to Myrtle.

Perhaps I will get another entry in later today but this is the update for now. March first!! I'll be here again soon, and thanks for reading!!.

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