Sunday, March 29, 2015

Two days on The Road

Two days on the road would get us from Davenport to O'Fallon. The plan was a long first day and then a shorter one to complete the drive. Day one brings us to Atlanta afte about seven hours and that is a mile stone to be sure. If you have driven through Atlanta I need not offer an explanation and if you have not done that trip, nothing I say will sufficiently paint a picture for you. It is UNBELIEVABLE. Fast and eight or ten lanes going each way and knowing where you are going is  distinct asvantage. We made it through, heaved a aigh of relief and off we went. We had left the house ar five thirty. It's  bit of a go to depart because you have a lot more than when you arrived and we try to bring the booze and cheese to Chris so there is sorting in the fridge and into the cooler. Anyway we got out and got throug day one witout any serious incident. We saved the latter for day two.

Made a note to myself never to stay at The Country Inn And Suites in Manchester TN because it is just too close to the interstate and too noisy. We were in bed by seven thirty. In a new time zone. Out the door by fife tirt and off to Nashville.

Where are these people going so early in the morning.?! and why are they driving so fast?! Nashville was a very busy city in the dark of morning and we were happy to have it in our rear view mirriw. On to Paducah. FABRIC HEAVEN, More fabric than one person could imagine. When I ca,e out of the store, a few dollar on the light side, a flat tire.,One of the last things Mike chose to bring was the little air compressor and then off to Goodyear. New tires and on the road again. Yikes! That could have been a whole lot worse. Dodged a bullet.

Heading for StLouis. Sparing the details of THE TRAFFIC, we got here by three and were met by the welcoming committee. Worth the drive, worth the traffic. So good to be here. Will check my notes and add a little more. Time for a break. Doing this on my tablet which is a typing challenge. Back soon, enjoy your day.

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