Monday, April 2, 2012

Lined up at the border

did all these people know gas is 1.44/l this morning?

New Shoes

I love these new shoes!!


This is Monday night; we got home Sunday night at about nine. By the time we left Bangor and were on our way to Houlton, I told Mike that I could really do this three day trip home if I knew in advance. I actually thought we would be an extra day in Maine when we left Davenport. AFter the first day and then doing another twelve on Saturday, I pretty well knew we were headed to 124 on Sunday. The problem there was that I had planned on doing the Maine shopping on Sunday/Monday.  As it turned out, I got most of what I wanted on Sunday anyway and we are happy to be home a day early. The planning was my error; I can do pretty well anything if I know in advance and have my head into it. The element of surprise, great or small, really throws me for a loop.

Mike went to the office before seven this morning and I went back to sleep. There was no fresh food in the house so no point in my being up at his departure time. The hot breakfast will begin tomorrow morning. I have to say I was pretty tired for the first few hours this morning. In fact, I just unpacked my suitcase in the past hour. The "stuff" had to be taken out of the living room so there was a certain amount of sorting and stowing went on today and a visit to Sobeys of course. A hospital visit to see Gloria with Carol and back on the couch. I missed a curling draw today but will get tomorrow's instead. Clocks still have to be put ahead an hour and laundry.....and then more laundry. Phone calls to catch up on and this is Holy Week. Easter to organize. Turkey or ham? Church schedules. Hot cross buns. Fish cakes. Desserts for the neighbours. Holy crow...I have to get busy.

One favorite sweater is still in the bottom drawer of the bureau at 516. I'll never see it again. I knew when I put it there it was in a dangerous place. How careless of me. UGH!!!!!

The Jazz. She actually seems happy we're home. She's been in and out and in and out all day; climbing on our bed and on my lap. Who is this cat and what happened to the independent indifferent cat I left here on the 28th of February!? I combed her last night and she loved it. It's shedding time and when we were leaving, I put towels on two of the pieces of living room furniture so that I could easily wash them and avoid a lot of hair on the cushions. Well she didn't sleep on them at all and chose a chair in the family room that was COVERED  with fur. REally funny. Not hard to see where she was and where she wasn't.

I am thinking about getting another cat. Mike is coming around to the idea, Looking for a Rag Doll.

So this is it for today. I know I have a few other thoughts to share but fatigue is setting in again and it's time for a bit of a rest. Stay tuned if you want to; I'll be back!!