Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tick Tock

We have been entertained by an osprey on the hunt. Almost every afternoon between four and five, it soars over the pond behind the house and watches watches watches for a fish or some tasty bit in the water. He drops like a stone, turns his wings back and plunges into the water like an arrow head. He must be successful because he returns each day. There are fish in the pond, and some cormorants appear to be regulars. Assorted ducks and the tall cranes are all part of the local population. Two nights ago when we were visiting the MacDonalds, an owl perched on the top of their lanai but didn't stay long. It's the first time I have seen an owl that close.

Monday was a bit rainy but the rain doesn't last in this state. By afternoon the sun was back and then a good day on Tuesday. Much cooler. We played golf and it was a great day for that activity. We went out at about 7:20am and at that time, it's a challenge to find the ball. By the second hole we were OK and also going out that early, we got to go by ourselves.  A leisurely game, keeping up with a twosome ahead of us and one behind. We were through by ten thirty. Mike thought his watch had stopped.

The Murrays left this morning for the airport and we are sorting and organizing for an early morning departure on Friday. I am poring over the maps to see if I can find a good route around Atlanta. The MacDonalds and the other MacDonalds were here last night to say adios as they are leaving on Saturday. Several groupings are heading to Myrtle Beach for a couple of weeks or a month. The golfers. The GrandParents are going to StLouis. We are so looking forward to that visit.

I didn't think I had bought very much until I began the sorting this morning. What Was I Thinking??!! The fabric shopping will take place in Missouri at a lovely shop in Hannibal and perhaps at Hancocks of Paducah as we drive through a little bit of Kentucky. What good fortune that the route goes that way!!

It's time to leave. We are down to our last roll of bathroom tissue. We have two pods for the dishwasher and the Tide will be rinsed out to get the last of it. I have some miraculous sheets of detergent that dissolve in the water. Who knew? JoLynn brought that package with her. Convenience at it's best: detergent that come is a sheet and then disappears in the water. Something like sliced peanut butter. Why can't we buy that, like sliced cheese?

The house is being shown this morning so we will be out from eleven till two. We cannot get this residence next year as someone has booked it for three months. Our plans are uncertain but we have something in the works for the last two weeks of March and we will find an alternative for the earlier weeks. Or not. Lots of time.

Hope the snow is melting. Sharon sent pics of our house and it's piles of snow. Hard to believe it's still winter in NS.

Enjoy the day. I haven't been doing a great job with this blog. We have been enjoying our company and by evening, we are often pretty tired. Tomorrow will be an early day and I will be back when we get off the road, points unknown. Happy trails, I'll be back.

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