Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Hill

A few months ago I was watching Lydia's Italian Kitchen on PBS and she was talking aboutThe Hill, the Little Italy of St Louis. She was commenting about the authentic Italian restaurants, in particular, , Rigazzis. We went there today and were not disappointed. The neigbourhood is rustic looking. Homes are older loking and  unique. There is a cluster of restaurants and bakeries and meat retailers which make it a must see area. Or more correctly, a must eat there area. We all enjoyed our meal and then walked the three blockx to the Missouri Baking Co because the first bakey we headed for was closed on Tuesdays.  We bougt two boxes odf psecial Italian sweets and tried them when we got home. Saved two for the road.

We will be leaving early in the morning. We left most things in the car but there are things to load up later this evening.  Once again I am sorry about the typos. Maybe Mike will have his laptop set up on the road. This digital keyboard is difficult and I cannot see what I have typed. Challenging.

The Gateway Arch is amazing. Enormous. Awe inspiring. We bought a dvd of its construction which will be of interest to both of us. You know something is huge and then you see it and it adds a new dimension to the word HUGE.

Chris and Laura live about thirthy minutes out of St Louis in a city called O'Fallon. A large city on its own.  Quite new looking with massive homes in sprawling developments. Theirs is a big house but not one of the enormous ones. There is a wonderful walking trail that winds behind the homes, along ponds and grasslands. Quite forward thinking in urban planning. They like it here and I hope they can be here happily for years to come. I have some pics taken today that I will try to add to this blog in a day or so.

We head for Scranton in the morning. It will take us three days plus to get home. Hoping fora safe  journey and will be back tomorrow night.