Monday, March 16, 2015

Catching up

I didn't realize that I hadn't added a post since Thursday. On Friday morning we drove to The Villages to visit with Sylvia and Duncan in their beautiful vacation home. What a lovely place they have; beautifully decorated with Sylvia's hand all over it. We had lunch and then did a tour of the facility/ Keeping in mind that The Villages is home to 100K people, we probably didn't see it all but what we did see was pretty impressive. If you are here, it's worth going for a look, all you want and need, right there at your disposal. Beautifully groomed land and lovely club houses; just so beyond what I expected to see. Golf carts are the mode of transportation in the local area and they too come in all varieties. Quite an interesting day and wonderful to spend time with our good friends, the Dingles. Home by nine; didn't know the Pictou County party was going on. Out of that loop and missed the email. Too bad but we had a great day.

We have done our usual round of touring, out and about every day. Trying to get some pool time and generally enjoying the vacation. Jocelyn turned six on the fourteenth. I can hardly believe that. She and Bhreagh are such beautiful little girls. We are looking forward to seeing them next month for a few days. Skype visits aren't enough but better than nothing. I cannot help but think of absentee grandparents in the past and how they could be virtually unknown to their precious grandchildren. We miss Chris and Laura and The Littles when we are here because for several years we saw them every second day. Life. Change.It's what happens.

We played golf today and that always takes a lot of energy. I was pretty tired when we got home. It's a hot day here, hotter than I like but it's the kind of weather people want when they come to Florida. Especially in light of the cruel winter that dumped more snow on the Maritimes yesterday. We followed the storm with CBC. What did we do without the internet, I wonder!? I listen to CBC radio out of Hfx every morning and again in the late afternoon. Just while I think of it...this morning when we were heading to the GC, we left here around six twenty, and the TRAFFIC on the interstate was amazing. There is just no time when you can anticipate slow traffic. It's always busy here. I often wonder where all of these people are going, and why they are in such a hurry to get there!!

JoLynn and Herbie have arrived in Orlando and are still in the airport navigating the difficult waters of car rental. You have probably been there once or twice and can relate to the difficulties and misunderstandings that often surround that transaction. They will be here this evening. Time unknown.

This is it for me for tonight. I feel there was something I intended to write about but have forgotten and now I think I need to take little reminder notes so that there is something of interest in my posts. Take care everyone, and be good to the ones you love and maybe to the ones you just like. I'll be back in a day or so.

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