Friday, February 28, 2014

Almost there

This evening we are in Brunswick Georgia, almost at our destination. |It should take us about four hours to get to Davenport tomorrow but we have to stop at a bank in Dr Phillips to get a situation straightened out. Just when you think everything is running smoothly, a little glitch appears and you have to stop what you are doing and fix it. Here's hoping that it can be fixed easily and with the cooperation of the bank.

We had a good day out today, eating breakfast at the hotel and getting on the road before six thirty. Along the way we were caught up in a massive traffic slow down that lasted almost an hour and saw us cover little more than three miles. After the traffic loosened and no dramatic event appeared as the cause, there was a mad scurry by the hundreds of cars that had been held up. That was unpleasant. Everyone going as fast as they could and sometimes there was really no where to go. The roads in SC are two lanes each way and when there is a clog, there is no extra lane to get things opened up. Once we got to Georgia it was better.

Tonight we are close to the Florida line. No need in rushing to Davenport as we aren't supposed to get into the house till mid afternoon. I believe we will get in earlier but it's cleaned in the morning and I don't want to shop up at the door when the cleaners are there. After the bank we will check if the house is done and if not, there are groceries to buy and we will amuse ourselves for a while. Looking forward to happy landings on a chocolate bar!!

Keep your fingers crossed that we will get it all together tomorrow. I'll be back!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Well this day could have been a whole lot worse!

We were through Hartford this morning before six o'clock which is  a good way to do it, The streets that you drive to get through that city look like a pile of spaghetti. You have to stay in your lane and hope for the best and today in light traffic it was fine. Today was one of those multi state days. We were driving in in parts of Connecticuit, NY, Pennsylvania, Delaware, West Viryinia and Virginia. Bits and pieces.

While driving through Penn, Mike struck a long piece of metal that he tried in vain to avoid. It destroyed the tire and bent the rim but through a combinaltion of good events, we were able to get the tire changed in the company of a state trooper who directed the pounding traffic way from us. Then on his advice, we made it to a tire dealer who sold us a pair of new tires and was able to repair the rim. Had he not been able to do that, we would still be somewhere waiting for one to arrive from somewhere. This day could have been a lot worse.

Wilma and Lowell stayed at the same hotel as we did so we got caught up and had a light supper together together. They are looking forward to arriving at their destination on Saturday as we are.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hello Hartford

So day one is in the can and we are in Hartford or just outside. Close enough that we will get throug the city before the morning traffic. Hartford is not huge but thr drive throug can be a bit hairy. It's fast and twisty and mostly FAST! I like having that city inthe rear view mirror.

We had a few issues today, one with a bank card that will need to be resolved when we get to 304 and the othe was a fuel miscalculation that didn't materialize into a crisis. Just that there are so few services on that roa d to Fredericton. We won't let that jappen again.

And the tpos.. I am using my tablet and the correction factor is difficult so this looks pretty bad with so many errors. Will do bette tomorrow night, when we are  in Richmond.

Nine o'clock now and time to pack it in. Hoping for a safe journey tomorrow, not a lot of news this post but  that's OK too. Back tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

One More Sleep

So we are down to one more sleep. I did errands and more errands yesterday and today was out for most of the morning; fiddle this afternoon and then it's just the assembling. The weather looks good from here although the Cobquid Pass is often questionable. It's so high!! I believe they get snow there in June! In all the years we have been doing this drive I don't recall an easy drive through that area. It's just an invitation to snow.

No sign of our insurance from RBC but they sent an email version so that's printed off and in the bag. Did the banking yesterday and made sure all home things are secure.

Yesterday I tried to modify my profile which I wrote four years ago and is rather out dated at this point. I did a complete revision, clicked on save, went to the view blog button and saw the same thing that's been there for years. Just want you to know that I am trying to change that write up but Mike can't help me with this so I am on my own. I will continue to work on it and perhaps it will be more up to date by the time we are into the trip. Seems like an easy fix to me but I have learned that there aren't too many easy fixes with a computer.

Off to Scotsburn in a few minutes. Like I said a couple of posts ago, I am just trying to get this running well before we hit the road. Hopefully the trip will be more interesting!! Till then!!

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Did I tell you how MIke gets ready for this trip? Perhaps I did, way back in a year gone by. He gets up one morning and says...Oh is this the day we are leaving? I guess I better put a few things in my suitcase.... and that's how he does it. I spent the day sorting through my new and old clothes, deciding what I am leaving behind and what I will take. I am certain there are a few things that are still pressed the way I got them ready last year and didn't wear them THERE OR HERE.  I am taking far less this time than last...famous last words. It's a given that I will buy shoes and tshirts, white ones. Tshirts, not shoes. White tshirts and navy shorts are my uniform.  But I will buy new shorts and shirts, that's a given. And as I said, shoes.  So I am pretty well sorted and folded, just have to get the car bag ready. That's the bag that comes into the hotel at night and really just contains yoga pants and comfy clothes. Pants that are in three lengths: the longest that start on day one in Stellarton and the shortest that I wear on the day we arrive. I love moving through the weather and watching the vegetation change. I remember the year we went to Charlotte and saw the most incredible pink flowers in bloom just everywhere.

Next is the food. Sandwiches, cheeses, fruit and water. That's Tuesday's job. Tomorrow is a massage and bridge in the evening. One or two more errands to get the Guild issues put in order. That will be a huge relief and I am almost there.

So now the test part. Will try to publish this and tomorrow will see if I can get someone signed in to comment. I am no techie and Mike can't help me with this. Here's hoping. Back later.

Having a few issues with the blog and all that

Counting the days and trying to get this blog up and running. The first few entries are going to be tests: checking to see if all is a go as I seem to have forgotten how to do this since last March when we got back in the nest. For now, this is a test and if it works, I will be happy and be back. HOpe you are too!!