Thursday, March 12, 2015

Roy's Hawaiian Fusion

How much of my life revolves around food?! It's amazing that the last two posts are just about food. Roy's has been a favorite restaurant of Chris and Laura for years. They had their wedding party there and we were there with them several years ago. It's  quite the eating establishment and it didn't hurt that the owner remembered Chris and Laura. We had reservations for six o'clock. Mike went to the cigar store and I went to my favorite Barnes and Noble before heading to eat. Combing two favorite stores each with the meal.

I can only describe what I ate and drank and what the table shared. When we sat, we immediately received the bowl of edamame which seem to be boiled or steamed edameme pods with coarse salt and a light spicy dressing. Yummy. Everyone gets those at Roys when you sit to your table. Then came the ribs in a delicious sauce, and a plate of steaming hot towels for our sticky fingers. And then the tray of lobster pot stickers. Yumm-O!! I had a Mojito with pommegrate juice and a lot of mint! My app was shrimp wrapped in prosciutto and served on a bed of cheddar grits. Mike had oysters, Rich had the Calamari and Claire had sushi which we sampled and was delicious. Unfortunately for her, she mistook the wasabi for guacamole and ate the whole bite at once. OMG!!! She recovered to enjoy the remainder of the dish. For a main, I had sea scallops with pork belly and an apple fennel slaw on pureed potatoes. The servings are small at Roys. You don't feel like you are stuffed and that you have to work hard to finish. Three large scallops presented on a long narrow plate. I have pictures. Mike had the swordfish and Rich, the short ribs because it was a favorite of Chris's and each time they were there together, Rich sampled from Chris's plate. This time he had his own and loved it. Much sharing and sampling went on, everyone loved their selections. Before we had a chance to consider dessert, our plates were cleared and new smaller ones and more hot towels arrived. Then, a tray of two chocolate lava cakes, two pineapple cakes, four scoops of pina colada ice cream and mixed fruit arrived. Amazing meal. The restaurant, on a Wednesday evening, was practically full and it's a big place. A big noisy. That was my only reservation. I would love to go back. Maybe next time.

There is a new fish and chips place in Champions Gate, near by. Two years ago it was a little French bistro that we liked very much but there was nothing there last year. It's in a very out of the way location and needs word of mouth advertising. We heard about it from the people in the next house. We will try it!!

We passed on golf this morning. Every once in a while I have a really low morning and today was that day. I am just getting my feet under me now at noon and this afternoon we will get out for a tour, maybe to Downtown Disney or something over at the parks. We are scoping out Universal for St Patrick's day. Last year we went to Pat O'Brien's for the event but we won't go for eight hours this time. JoLynn and Herbie will be here and we are trying to put together an interesting celebration. There's plenty to do; just choosing the right place is the difficult task.

Another shooting in Ferguson. Two policemen.

A beautiful florida day. It rained hard last night after I went to bed. A deluge. And then it was done.

That's about it for now. Time to perk up and perhaps go out in an hour or so. Had a Skype visit with Aron and Rika this morning. I have missed seeing them for the past couple of weeks. Stay in touch; enjoy the day where you are and be good to everyone you know. Till the next time! Thanks for reading.

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