Thursday, March 5, 2015


Well, it's Thursday and a week ago we were in winter. Today was far from winter for sure. It was our first day on the golf course in almost a year. A year for me, but Mike played a few times last summer. It went as well as could be expected. The first day is pretty ugly for someone who plays as rarely as I do but I had some very nice shots, and as every golfer knows, you only need a few to come back for more. We teed off at about seven, a few minutes ahead of our tee time but we were early (quelle surprise!) and the crowd hadn't arrived. Just the two of us, which was fair for the golfers who were behind us. We certainly didn't hold anyone up and kept just behind the four ahead of us. They were slow. We booked a time for Monday but couldn't get out quiet as early. nonetheless we will be out before eight and back in by noon. It gets hot these days by then. When we got home, I was into the pool IMMEDIATELY. So nice. Then toasted in a lounger and back in for a second time before a shower and rest. Jeepers but I am tired. That's a lot of work, having fun.

On the way back to 321 we stopped at Panera at The Loop. It's one of my favorite food places as their scones are positively delish. My fave is orange but there isn't a bad one there. Also recommend three berry and cinnamon crunch as well. Enjoyed bits of two with some tea and that just perked me right up. I was going to take a run to Michael's this afternoon but luckily remembered that there is a Sewing and Quilt Expo in Lakeland tomorrow. I know there is a big quilt show in Sarasota as well but not driving that far. This will be a biggie in Lakeland and perhaps I will get an iron there! There is plenty going on in the Sunshine State and I am tempted by a seafood thingy in St Augustine but once again, not driving that far. After three and a half days in the car, I am very picky about where and how far I want to drive. Especially since we have been here only five days. I am still finding my way around the house.

Party tomorrow night at Anne and Allan's. Have to make something to take along. I was watching The Pioneer Woman this afternoon and she made Chili Con Questo using an onion, sausage meat, a great big hunk of Velveeta (although she didn't name it) and a can of ROTEL TOMATOES. I am NOT  going home without a dozen cans of those babies this year. Additionally she used a jalepeno pepper  for heat (after the Rotels I am not certain that was necessary) and a couple of cans of shopped green chilis. I believe that's what I am going to bring to the party. I made a batch of my version of the same last year when the party was at our place and everyone loved it. I made it just with the Velveeta and Rotels but the sausage and onion will be great additions and perhaps one can of the green chilis.

The Food Channel here in the SS is a quantum leap beyond the Canadian version. Honestly I could watch this all day. It's on right now. Already this afternoon, while I was doing other things, I have been in the company of Trisha, Rachael. Anne Burrell, Giada and a team of kid bakers. And they're on every day!! No Brier but lots of cooking shows. One has to do the best with what Brighthouse brings our way.

So that seems to be it for today. I tried to get this done earlier today, just now six-thirty. Time change on the weekend. I just got used to EAstern Standard and now another change. Essentially back to where I was a week ago, an hour ahead. On vacation it really doesn't matter what time it is. We eat when we are hungry but tomorrow we will be heading out early to get to that Expo in Lakeland. Not far, maybe an hour? Maybe less. Sometimes I wear out at those things before I have seen everything there is to see and judging from what I saw on line, this could be one of those events. I will do my best!! BAck tomorrow evening, or Saturday morning after the party!! Take care everyone.

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