Thursday, April 2, 2015

Trucks trucks and more trucks

An early departure from 2014 and off we went. No problems getting avross the Miss and into Illinois. Moderate traffic in the early morning and into Indiana and around Indianapolis. A bit hairy now and then and into Ohio. Thats where the trucks showed up in droves.Who knew that America ran on trucks and all of them were where we were going. Made it yhrough a tiny bit of West Virginia and here we are in Somerset PA. Pennsylvnia is one of those giant states that includes parts of two mountain ranges plus the Lairel Higlands.. Road construction appears to be the major activity of the last three states mentioned and its scary roaring throug these narrowed lanes sandwiched between five foot high cement dividers with massive trucks on all sides. for miles and miles. But we are here safely and thats what matters.

We are planning another early start in the morning and probably another eleven hour day. I find it tiring. I will try to check in tomorrow nigjt to five a brief account of thw day.  Hope everyone is well, be good to each other, till then.

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