Saturday, April 4, 2015

Back in the Nest

Three busy days on the road and we are back at 124. Funny thing but we drove one more mile the second day than the first, something that we could never plan or execute. It just happened. We stayed last night in Portland ME and did the early departure as per usual. It was raining when we left, began to snow between Bangor and Houlton and eventually in Northern NB, the snow stopped and we had a fair day of driving. I got to stop in Bangor and picked up the Rotel tomatoes, some chocolate and a few spices I can't find here. Thirty seconds at the border, and we were back. Pretty seamless. We were OK anyway; we never use our full entitlement and I had receipts for everything but there is always some apprehension when someone puts your feet to the fire. Home by four-thirty or five. We never end up checking the clock exactly. There is lots of snow, which we expected, but the car is unloaded, most of the 'things' are dealt with in one way or another,  and the next step is a bit of laundry. We are watching some curling tonight. It doesn't look good for the Canadian team. A miracle may be on order.

We have been in quite a few states in the past two weeks and in every one of them, road construction is going on. Holy Crow!! High speed travel between barriers is unnerving. The economy must be on the upswing because the road work is in full bloom. Huge projects. Unbelievable how they can squeeze the workers and equipment into tight spaces and achieve a great project but they are doing it. I hope it's done for next year but some of the projects are just too big for a quick finish.


Mike is probably going to be retired by this time next week.

Bridge games to get played to finish the Marathon.

Quilt show in two months. Projects to get finished for then.

Big workshop coming up the end of the month.

Time on the road gave me the opportunity to make some plans for 124. Lots of projects to get underway,

The list goes on. We had a fabulous vacation. WEather was outstanding and we had a great visit in St Louis. That is a busy household. Laura is 35 weeks along in this pregnancy, they are packing up the house to move, and life goes on around those two important significant events. Good thing they are young.

HOpe everyone is well. Thanks for taking time to check in now and then. One more post in a few days and that will be it for this season. Back in a bit.


  1. It's been fun keeping up with your travels. Glad you're home safe & sound. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Enjoyed reading your blog and glad you are safely home.
    We get home on Tuesday....hope we can get up our hill!